Digital Marketing Testimonials

It’s a pleasure to compose this brief recommendation for Marji. She is an amazingly proficient individual and exhibits that on a daily basis. Words that strike a chord while depicting her are enthusiastic, aspiring, engaged, energetic, and dynamic. Her skills at marketing via social media are second to none. I would recommend Marji to anyone in need of her expertise beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Roman J.


Marji is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Deborah R.

Research, Technology

Marji is my go-to example of someone who “gets” social media and influencer marketing. She leads fully by example: she is approachable, personable, and authentic on all social media channels.

I point my team to her when I need to show that engagement is what matters- not just volume or number of followers.

Tina S.


Marji is not only creative and innovative in developing a marketing strategy, but she is very efficient and always receptive to the ever-changing priorities of the healthcare landscape.

Marji is a consummate professional in all she does.

Kelly E.


Marji did an amazing job with our employee advocacy program through training and creating excitement around an invaluable tool for employees.

Marji is a consummate professional and social media guru.

Ellen C.


Marji set the bar for all creatives within [consumer products brand] very high. as we were forced to unlearn traditional media and really think about how digital media worked within campaigns.

Marji is a true disruptor with a heart of gold.

Patrick F.

Consumer Products

Marji is an absolute visionary and endlessly dedicated to the cause of social media promotion and strategy. She took our nascent brand of Fair Trade soaps and body care at Adam’s Naturals and mapped out our entire online engagement platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – among others. Adding hundreds of followers and industry influencers, and connecting with other relevant projects. Marji has incredible drive, ambition, and one of the most delightful personalities, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Brett Young

Beauty, Health

Our social media presence and culture, nationwide, was built from the ground up by Marji. She has set our team, along with all of the 27 regional social media teams, up for success through her introduction of new ideas, new programs, and insightful guidance. The example of professionalism and work-ethic that she set forth as a standard for our team pushed us on a daily basis to produce at a high-level.

Rob W.

Politics, Nonprofits

There is not enough space on LinkedIn to articulate the awesomeness of Marji Sherman. I had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Marji in my media relations role. Her overall communications prowess is quite unique as she not only commands an expertise of social media, but also how social media practice is weaved into PR and marketing. As a digital maven and a tremendously talented writer, her positive energy, presence, tact and ability to adapt to a variety of industries and complex scenarios are second to none. I cannot wait to collaborate with Marji again in the near future.

David R.

Politics, Sports, Nonprofits

Team Reviews

Not only do clients trust and respect Marji’s work, her team also admires the way she manages her businesses. Her team has mentioned, “I’ve grown so much as a professional thanks to her. I always tell her that working for her is no joke, because we work really, really hard and social media is a job that never ends, but when you see the goals you’ve accomplished, the quality of the work produced with her guidance, and how much you have grown, it’s so rewarding. The truth is, Marji expects a lot from you, but she also cares very much about you, and I am very happy and grateful for the experience of working with her.”

Another teammate has said, “Marji is an outstanding, one-of-a-kind star in a very crowded social media sky — and she taught me so much in the months I was lucky enough to work with her.”

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