The Best of the Halloween Social Campaigns

Companies went all out this Halloween to engage with their consumers, but we have to give first place to Crest for popping up the most as we scoured the internet for the best Halloween social campaigns. We have to give them extra credit for being a cavity-fighting brand endorsing the cavity-provoking holiday. We included a photo of our favorite Tweet of theirs below, but first check out this beyond cute video we found on their Facebook page:

Michael Kors threw one of their iconic purses in a pumpkin patch:

While Kit Kat stuck to using their candy to create fun images:

Taco Bell let consumers pick between Trick or Treat:

And, of course, we can not leave out Twitter superstar, Oreo:

Which is your fave? Know of others that could even supersede these? Comment below!
-Marji J. Sherman

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